The creation of "Impressions of Cheonmachong" was an amazing opportunity that allowed brother/sister duo, Kyle and Brooke Newmaster to professionally work together for the first time. The result of this collaboration is a Korean Three Drum Dance "Samgomu" concerto , commissioned by The Cape Symphony conductor, Jung-ho Pak. Maestro Pak had a vision to combine the beautiful and powerful art of traditional Samgomu three drum dance with the orchestra and his passion for the art is what inspired him to commission the work. The concerto was premiered on January 16th/17th 2016 by the Cape Symphony in Cape Cod, MA.

Traditionally Samgomu is presented with multiple dancers each surrounded by three drums where the performers drum and dance in unison. Samgomu is typically not accompanied by any other melodic instruments, so as an orchestral work the commission presented a unique task. The instrumentation and harmonic language of traditional Korean music is much different than that of a western symphonic orchestra and composing this work required finding a new creative middle ground. Kyle and Brooke strove to create a work which respected the traditional elements of the Samgomu three drum dance and traditional Korean music while adding an exciting accompaniment in the orchestra that would support and drive the dance. In "Impressions of Cheonmachong," the orchestra presents the material in a way that combines harmonic, melodic and structural elements from both traditional Korean music and western orchestral music. It truly was a collaboration writing the music, drumming and choreography, at the same time.

"Impressions of Cheonmachong" isn't a straightforward Korean traditional three drum dance. Maintaining respect for the original form, it is a new work with traditional and modern movement. Brooke and Kyle worked to combine these elements in a creative and exciting way while keeping a traditional core.

©2016 Kyle Newmaster and Brooke Jee-in Newmaster. All Rights Reserved.